Sheila & Bob Webb’s farewell at Amors Stores              Saturday, 29th September, 2012
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Sheila and Bob Webb’s last day at Amors Stores was marked by a surprise and very informal ‘do’ in the shop, which included the presentation of a huge card signed by many customers, some of whom had also contributed to a John Lewis token. There was the cracking open of the odd bottle of bubbly to underline the significance of the occasion for all who live in Wrington and beyond. It was a moment of high emotion, when the genuine feeling of gratitude for all that Sheila and Bob had meant to the people they’d served with such thought and care over the years, could be expressed to them. Among those involved in organising the card, the token (rumoured to be for over £700) and providing the champers, were Philippa Portas, Celia Cox, Ann Dale, and Sue Clark.
Photos by Ann Dale