Abseiling for Alzheimers              Saturday, 25th May, 2013
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Andrew Thorn, a former pupil of Wrington Primary and Churchill Comprehensive (as it was then) schools, now lives in Bristol where he works in IT for the Lloyds Group. Each year, the company nominates a charity for the year, and double the amount staff members raise for it. This year it was the Alzheimers Society. Andrew joined other company staff in abseiling down the Avon Gorge cliff along the Portway just past the Suspension Bridge. These total novices were given a few minutes training by a local company which teaches rock- climbing and provides the necessary equipment and makes all the arrangements for exploits such as this. After that, the novices just step off backwards into space watched anxiously by family members and friends. At that point Andrew had over £350 paid or promised in sponsorship, which will finally result in over £700 for the Society. Andrew and his partner Helen will no doubt reflect on the experience as, a week later, they jet off on holiday to scale the ice fields of Vancouver in western Canada.