Wrington May Day celebrations              Saturday, 4th May, 2013
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May Day celebration.  This new event in the Wrington calendar was the brainchild of Julie Kingcott, Laura Leggett and Tom Henry. In a remarkably short time they organised an event which drew a good crowd, who hugely enjoyed being on the village green in gorgeous weather - with the occasional noggin from the conveniently placed Plough Inn. The event was sponsored by The Plough and Julie (The Gallery). Tom’s band. Roaring Forties, play regularly at The Plough and anyone is welcome to come along with their instruments and join them. A procession to the Golden Lion brought the afternoon’s MC into play - Phil Giorgetti every inch the Green Man. Bronwen was crowned Princess of the May, many children, and adults, took the opportunity to learn a bit of the old maypole dancing with Laura, and Julie supplied reams of appropriate mayday quotations which, if not read out with sufficient volume, resulted in a period in the stocks. This is an event which could run and run.