Wrington Drama Club: One Way Pendulum              Wednesday, 8th May, 2013
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mee .. mee .. meeeeeee .. He spends a lot of time on that ... Who has to keep everything tidy, I should like to know ... Did you get the wrong train, Aunt Mildred ? There's no luggage racks, for one thing ... Take that up to him while it's still hot ... Why does she have to stay here ... ? The skull's supposed to remind you of death ... Come in, Myra, it's all ready for you ... Put it all round the back, Robert .... He doesn't realise how tall he is ... He didn't know how little he weighed either ... He went all the way down with his skis on sideways .. Have you seen Sylvia ? I'm sure she went upstairs ... I believe he's making a witness box ... My arms aren't long enough ... But you've seen the apes in the zoo ... How am I supposed to get Aunt Mildred round that ? Are you ready to go out  ? He doesn't like being interrupted ...
You've had to move her, I see ... For goodness sake leave it alone and come on ... A Mr Justice called, something about being on circuit ... I must try that on ... Those are MY robes ... It's not easy being on the bench ... I represent the prosecution, M'Lud ... The court will rise ... The jury are here in spirit, M'Lud ... I swear by Harriet Beecher Stowe ... You must give as honest answers as you can ... What a load of codswallop ... The witness says he's lying, but in saying that he's lying ... The deceased was alive when he did it ... Can you remember where you were and what you were doing ? The judge sums up while ... ... the court staff ... ... find other matters to occupy their time ... That's enough for one day ... I know it's dark, but how about a game of cards ? doh, mee, soh, doh, doh ... I call Sergeant Barnes to the witness box ... I swear by Almighty God ... I said, M'Lud, it's all beginning to add up down at the mortuary ... May we have the next exhibit It won't take long, M'Lud ... Ooh, it feels so public ... Yes, my son is very ingenious ... Does your husband have any negro blood ? He does have 1 or 2 bottles up in his room, but he hasn't told me what's in them ... Hallelujah Was it worth it to get arrested to wear black for 48 hours ? That's it, then ... and that, members of the jury, is the evidence before you.
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This short video trail, and the production photos below are from the full-length HD video of the production recorded on Wednesday, 8th May, 2013 in the Memorial Hall
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