Wrington WI Garden Party              Thursday, 14th August, 2014
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The last time Jean and Brian Patterson hosted this annual event, it seemed the setting could not be bettered: 2008 gardenparty The expansive views and the glorious sunshine ensured members enjoyed the best the summer could offer. Six years later to the day, we woke to heavy showers, thunder, and a lousy forecast - and Jean and Brian had moved into the centre of the village. By the time the kettles had been boiled and the sandwiches had had their crusts removed, the sun was blazing, the marquee had its front removed to let the heat of the day escape, and the sights revealed of the walled garden presented a less sweeping but no less enjoyable view. Organisers of any outdoor event in the UK would always be foolish to bank on the weather, but today bucked the trend and the view of and from the setting was as delicious as the sandwiches.
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