Wrington Drama Club: Bedroom Farce               Friday, Wednesday, 6th - Saturday, 9th May, 2015
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Cast Ernest         Peter Jones Delia           Moira Shapland Nick            Phil Neve Jan             Kate Davies Malcolm      Adam Hall Kate            Sarah Balicki Trevor         Michael Berkley Susannah   Liz Stallworthy
Production Team Director Producer Set Design Lighting/Sound Stage Manager Set Construction Prompt Costumes Props Hair & Make-up Publicity Tickets Programme Bar Refreshments Front of House
The Action takes place in three bedrooms, in three separate houses. The time: sometime in the mid-1970s
Mark Bullen Jim Swords Julie Kingcott Richard Kingcott Don Guy Mark Buiien, Don Guy, Jim Swords, Roger Owen, Adam Hall Frances Wilson Valerie Langley, Heather Swords Chris Parnham, Veronica Thorn, Julie Kirby Judy Owen, Sue Cross Kate & Martyn Davies Heather Swords Mark Buiien, Jim Swords Drama Club & friends Jill Cowgill & Drama Club Jim Swords, Fred Cowgill, Echo Irving, Peter Langley
Ernest and Delia prepare for their evening out and discuss their son Trevor You never spoke to him while he was growing up I read to him Jan tries to make Nick comfortable - Iím in agony Iím the last person who should be stuck in bed If you must know, I have to go to the party because Susannah will be there Malcolmís hiding a present for Kate - Is it an ironing board ? Youíre getting fat Itís just as bad to overtip as undertip, if not worse You splashed me - All right, Iím sorry Trevor arrives unexpectedly - hello, there, are you ill ? How are things working out with Susannah ? Weíre working on it Take you and me - we came into this world with the innocence of little children Ooh Nick canít reach his book and falls out of bed I didnít realise thereís be so many people - itís a party, what did you expect ?  Iím not unattractive, IĎm not afraid Do you and Malcolm still ... Some mornings I think, who am I, I think All those young men, and none of them with a tie Sardines on toast in bed .. do you remember ? You only came up here because Kate told you to You broke all my things, youíre a violent person One good thing about this party - weíre in the same bed together You can go straight out, mate When we were together, I had to make all the decisions for you Yes I remember Oops, that's torn it Iíve really done it now, Iím so sorry, Kate Donít wait up, Iíll let myself in Oh darling, youíre getting fish on the sheet I canít move, youíll have to get me up Ow, youíre so heavy Hold on, hold on Aaargh People wouldnít realise what a rare occurrence this is You only kissed him ? Yes, I only kissed him Trevorís coming back You go to sleep. Iíll make a start on this Iíll read you a bit of this - Tom Brownís Schooldays Ah ha Would you rather I wasnít here ? Iíll get a Phillips screwdriver, itís in the car Itís about me and Jan, I just thought you ought to be the first to know Whadíyou mean Ďshooshí ? He canít sleep here Susannah said she was attracted by other girls .. in the street Those magazines, Malcolm .. the ones under the socks in your drawer Díyou mean, when Iím giving it my all, you think about floorboards ? Oh dear, what am I going to do ? My mother said, if S-E-X rears its ugly head, close your eyes before you see the rest of it What are we all chatting about, eh ? Iím afraid of Trevor, heís a very violent, PASSIONATE man No woman Iíve ever been with has been bored I am attractive, I must not be afraid Youíre the luckiest man in the world You put your feet all over my quilt It snapped, it was half an inch too big Most important of all, donít tell him anything you donít have to Youíre sleeping in there. The one with the damp patch ? Susannah is not as bad as he is. Iím not asleep Iím just a bit worried things might drop off the end Trevorís going to be back after all You know, I donít know what you ever saw in that man He thinks heís awfully good I thought Iíd ring you to say Iím sorry about this evening Hello, mate, Iím glad I didnít get you up We could level it up a bit .. like this Whatís this doing here ? I have confidence ...