Wrington’s own ‘Time Team’              Friday, Saturday 26th - Monday 28th August, 2017
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Nick Joy, the founder chairman of Wrington Local History Society, has long been pursuing his archaeological interest in the local area, informed by his training whilst taking a certificate in Archaeology at Bristol University. Thinking that members of the Local History Society, and others in Wrington, might be interested in some practical experience, he devised this 3-day dig in the fields below Alburys. A series of 1 x 1 metre test pits was dug down to a depth of approx. 2ft, then backfilled, before moving on to the next. The morning and afternoon sessions attracted approximately 4 up to around 10 participants at any one time, and, ironically, the blazing sunshine was less of an advantage for those digging hard ground without hint of shade, than it would have been lying on the beach. The third afternoon, therefore, proved somewhat shortlived, but overall the interest and enjoyment engendered was manifest.
                                                                          Photographs courtesy of Jon Talbot For further information see Nick’s talk on Romans in Britain  <http://www.wrington.net/organisations/localhistory/archive/110322romansinbritain.htm> his Finds at Perry Bridge <http://www.wrington.net/organisations/nickjoytalk.htm> and on discovering metal detectoring <https://wrington.net/specialinterests/#xl_xr_page_Nick%20Joy%20metaldetecting> There’s also Julius Herrstein’s publication <https://wringtonsomerset.org.uk/history/roman/roman1.html> in which Julius’s archaeological interests took him into some fascinating, if uncorroborated, speculation.